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Personalized speech and language therapy designed to help children, adolescents and adults communicate clearly in their environments. 

Play-based therapy to meet your child's goals

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Individualized treatment plans for every client 

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Collaboration with families & professionals 

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Stephanie Fairbanks is a native English speaking Speech-Language Pathologist from California. She has worked in multiple settings including schools, private practice, early intervention, and rehabilitation facilities. She moved from the United States to the Netherlands in 2016.  Since arriving in The Netherlands, Stephanie has been offering speech-language therapy to international students and adults throughout Europe. She has also been volunteering as a speech therapist, conducting accent modification therapy via telepractice for a non-profit organisation in Ghana. Her interests and specialities include speech sound disorders, language delays and disorders, stuttering therapy, early intervention, accent modification, autism and social skills intervention. Stephanie believes that therapy should be enjoyable, and a place where development and progress are facilitated through engaging and meaningful learning opportunities. She has a passion for helping people become clear and confident communicators! 

  • University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 2015, M.S.

  • Utah State University, 2012, B.S.

  • Azusa Pacific University, 2008, B.A.

  • ASHA, Certification of Clinical Competence

  • Nebraska State Teaching Certificate

  • PROMPT Trained 

  • Children, Adolescents, and Adults

  • Individuals and Group Therapy

  • Speech Sound Disorders

  • Language Delays and Disorders

  • Stuttering Therapy

  • Early Intervention

  • Adult Accent Expansion/Modification

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Gwen, Parent

Stephanie went out of her way to connect with my daughter and keep her engaged with games and by tying her interests into the words they worked with to keep things fun. She really taught my daughter how to understand what's going on in her mouth and how to work her way towards clearer consonant sounds.

Rocio, Client

The first time in my life that I am enjoying my English lessons! Stephanie is a great professional and a better person! She knows how to motivate you and encourage you to keep practicing and improving. I highly recommend her !!

Brooke, Parent

Stephanie has been instrumental with my daughter's improved speech.  I was hesitant to try online speech therapy, but it's been better than what we were receiving in person at her school.  Stephanie is extremely organized, focused, and engaging.

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